Immerse yourself in the role of the Scrum Master and experience a Sprint.

Training participants are guided through a Sprint by experienced Scrum Masters and learn the best practices of their role for managing the Scrum events (Sprint Planning, Retrospective, and Review), from initial contact to the first iteration of the product.

Are you aware of the challenges of incremental product development within the complex, ever-changing work of the Digital Era? The BearingPoint Academy Scrum Trainings will empower your teams and products.

  • Apply Scrum roles and artifacts: learn to effectively create and prioritize the product backlog and empower developers to design high-value products along the Definition of Done

  • Enable self-organized teams: coach your teams to be self-managing with Scrum and develop products with complex requirements through regular inspection and adaptation

  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration: learn to promote transparency and remove barriers between your teams, stakeholders, and users to identify and overcome obstacles early on as a Scrum Master 

Our training program is designed for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes and industries. We offer both virtual and personalized in-house trainings tailored to your individual needs.
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Act out a sprint as Scrum Master
Practice makes perfect

Act out a sprint as Scrum Master

Scrum facilitates the development of complex products by focusing on delivering value whilst improving employee and user satisfaction (Agile Pulse, 2020). Our gamification approach to training provides the opportunity to guide a Scrum team playfully in a safe, supportive environment. By stepping into the role of a Scrum Master or Product Owner, you will learn how to coach a team towards improved self-organization and cross-functional collaboration. You will be led by experienced agile coaches who will share their personal experiences and best practices from numerous projects.

96% consider Scrum to be future-proof
Doing Agile vs. Being Agile

96% consider Scrum to be future-proof

Do you know the difference between Doing Agile and Being Agile? According to BearingPoint's Agile Pulse (2020), organizations that introduce Scrum merely by implementing an agile framework do not reach the promised goals. Our Scrum trainings go beyond building a Scrum professional’s knowledge and qualification. They will give you the skills and tools to effectively promote Scrum’s values and behaviors in your organization in a sustainable, holistic manner. Develop products reactively based on user needs and future-proof your organization!


Thanks for the exciting time.

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Participant, Scrum Essentials 09/2022

It was engaging and fun!

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Participant, Scrum Essentials 11/2022

Well-organized training and easy to follow.

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Participant, Scrum Essentials 01/2023