Executive Summary

A global automotive manufacturer needed to adopt the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) which was effective in 2018 for the EU. BearingPoint worked with the client’s project team to define a solution to avoid disruptions in the supply chain that would cause delay to its customers.

Client Business Challenges

In 2018, all new passenger vehicles in Europe had to comply with the WLTP regulation. The transition had a substantial impact on the automotive industry. WLTP requires that CO2 emissions are calculated based on complex characteristics such as exact vehicle mass, aerodynamics, rolling resistance and powertrain features. Configuration-specific CO2 values now have a direct impact on vehicle pricing in all EU markets. The client found it challenging to manage the increased volume of data when calculating CO2 emissions and tailoring price offerings for customers. The risk of customers experiencing delivery delays increased considerably.

BearingPoint’s Contribution

BearingPoint’s industry experts collaborated with the client’s WLTP program management team to design and implement a solution for real-time CO2 calculations and included as part of the configurator on the company website. They also elaborated a complex calculation scheme to be used for CO2 forecasting, assuring an effective control of CO2 fleet compliance. Additionally, product-pricing processes were adapted to comply with the mandatory terms and deadlines of EU regulations. BearingPoint also developed a specific suite of dashboards aimed to share CO2 results with all stakeholder departments.

Client Business Outcomes

The WLTP regulation led to significant challenges for the automotive industry. For some manufacturers in the industry it caused delivery delays to customers. In contrast, our client was able to avoid any disruption to their supply chain operations. Thanks to a better understanding of the implications of the WLTP and the solution devised jointly by the client’s WLTP Program Team and BearingPoint, the company successfully adhered to its regular delivery times. This enabled them to improve the customer experience by empowering customers to make educated decisions on car purchases while maintaining existing delivery schedules.

  • Global Automotive Manufacturer avoids production delays and successfully complies with WLTP
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