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A global US-based clothing company wanted to grow its business while making significant cuts to its carbon footprint. BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator was the optimal solution that helped the company achieve its goals.

Challenge of tackling growing environmental ambitions with old tools

An international clothing company with global operations wanted to expand its business and at the same time reduce its carbon footprint. Our client’s competitors, as well as industry newcomers, are highly focused on eco-friendly practices. Sustainability is now a decisive factor in purchasing decisions for customers.

The company needed to be able to collect accurate environmental data while complying with existing regulations and internal goals. Their existing carbon footprint calculation system was outdated, fragmented, and operated manually for the most part. With a data delay of up to three months, it was no longer sufficient to achieve the ambitious sustainability targets.

Getting the full picture on emissions

The client opted for the implementation of BearingPoint’s proprietary solution, Emissions Calculator (BEC). It has the capability to make millions of calculations within seconds, while still ensuring a high level of detail in the results, and extract data automatically to match the existing challenges.

The team conducted a thorough data screening that revealed issues with unclean data. First, they cleaned the company’s master data, then implemented the Emissions Calculator. Next, BearingPoint created more than 100 different business rules for the ETL functionalities of the tool to map reality. The new solution was set to cover the emissions from all international inbound and outbound transportation, as well as warehousing.

Given the heterogeneous business setup, a range of workshops ensured that the business specifics were reflected in the most accurate way for each region.

Growing business while becoming nature friendly

Following the integration of BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator, the clothing company is properly equipped to take the necessary actions to successfully reduce their carbon footprint by half.

With comprehensive and detailed results being available in a timely manner and directly based on transactional data, they always have a clear picture of their emissions in every region. The enhanced transactional data has also boosted transparency of their logistics operations, with each region now being harmonized. This further empowers the company to optimize its processes and reach the goal of cutting emissions while expanding operations.

BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator has also empowered the client to innovate their product lineup and grow customer satisfaction.

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