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Recruitment trends change as the markets evolve towards a highly digitalized era. With BearingPoint's help, RGF Staffing is now ready to address the job seekers’, clients’ and employees’ journeys with a tech-driven and customer-centric approach.

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BearingPoint Client Story: RGF Staffing

BearingPoint was very instrumental in helping us bring structure, a framework, and clarity. We could then brand it and bring that activity we wanted to do around the three pillars of CDX to a program that we could roll out to all of our OpCos.

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Mike Whitmer, CIO at RGF Staffing B.V.

Leading the global staffing industry by focusing on the customer experience and digitalization

The talent acquisition market has never been more dynamic as job seekers are looking for easier, faster, and more digital recruitment journeys. Companies need to meet the growing expectations of their job candidates, clients, and employees, through automated solutions.

As a global staffing leader, RGF Staffing focuses on simplifying hiring and supporting businesses to be more productive thus helping society transition to the next generation workforce. The company aims to become more tech-driven and data-driven by using innovation to maintain its leadership across the latest industry trends while having customers at the center and creating personalized interactions. To prepare and adapt to the future of work, RGF started a strategic program called CDX - Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and Data. As such, RGF Staffing needed to engage its locally-led operating companies to achieve an agreed understanding of the current state and develop a plan to achieve future-state strategic changes.

Defining the current state and building solutions together

In partnership with BearingPoint, RGF Staffing launched the CDX readiness check with and for its operating companies (OpCos). BearingPoint engaged RGF OpCos in a series of webinars and podcasts to increase their awareness of the program’s benefits. The readiness of the key components – Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and Data – was then mapped, resulting in a maturity framework. BearingPoint assessed the OpCos capabilities against the framework and created recommendations to improve customer experiences with data-driven insights and innovation.

Together with all RGF’s OpCos, several online workshops were organized globally to jointly find and collect ideas to create solutions for digital journeys. The team built a benefit logic tool showing the rationale of future investments and linking these to the value drivers of the RGF business model. Various use cases were defined and prioritized, such as creating a digital candidate portal, automating data processing, and AI-based job matching.

Throughout the CDX readiness phase, BearingPoint helped RGF Staffing and its OpCos easily navigate through the required changes.


Building a digital and sustainable future of work

RGF Staffing now has a clear and comprehensive picture of its current state in all key areas that set the foundation of a data-driven customer-centric operation. This enables more transparency and the ability to address the OpCos needs individually depending on their readiness stage, prioritize suitable initiatives and take coordinated actions to meet the strategic goals to achieve their future-state ambitions.

By using consistent data and concrete key performance indicators, RGF Staffing operating companies can personalize and improve customer journeys in a concerted and efficient manner. Through roadmapping and benefit logic frameworks the OpCos have identified which paths to follow to turn RGF Staffing into a tech- and data-driven company while keeping its people-oriented business approach as a priority.

About RGF Staffing

RGF Staffing is a global staffing leader, which provides HR and staffing services while always maintaining a sharp focus on the specific needs of local markets. RGF’s focus is on creating new value for our society to contribute to a brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest.

  • RGF Staffing: Blending technology and customer experience to create staffing solutions that are faster, simpler, and closer to all
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