Executive Summary

German-based LEONI is a global supplier of wires, optical fibers, cables and cable systems as well as related services for the automotive sector and other industries.

Client Business Challenges

  • Support global service delivery model.
  • Alignment of central and regional service centers.
  • Strengthen capability of regional centers.

Key success factors

BearingPoint was able to leverage its consulting expertise and its “from-strategy-to-approach” technique.
Its ability to enable teams by bringing stakeholders together paved the way for regional and global alignment possibilities.

Client Business Outcomes

  • Eight improvement topics identified from initial stakeholder interviews.
  • 30 change initiatives defined from the eight topics.
  • Identification of 47 global principles, specifying future positioning and mode of collaboration of service centers.

Impressively, BearingPoint was able to help mobilize over 60 IT stakeholders globally, from across different regions and cultural environments.

  • Strengthening LEONI’s IT Capabilities Regionally, Aligning IT Globally 1.57 MB Download

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