Meet our Bearingpoint experts at VivaTech on stand M44 

BearingPoint team will be at VivaTech to share its expertise in digital transformation, foster collaboration and partnership opportunities, and showcase innovative solutions. By engaging with entrepreneurs, startups, and thought leaders, BearingPoint will contribute to thought leadership, establish strategic alliances, and drive meaningful change in various sectors. Participating in VivaTech will enable BearingPoint to seize networking opportunities, support startups, and shape the future of technology through collaboration and innovation. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experts and join us at the stand! 

Scaling Up

Be Capital 

BearingPoint Capital provides investment banking services for privately held firms, a range of transaction services for Private Equity and other investment professionals, and co-investment opportunities via joint ventures and investment in funds. We support Tech start up and investment professionals for their tech due diligence. 
Come and participate in our sessions on “What do VCs expect from your start up – or – How to succeed in your technical Due Dilligence”.  
If you want more information, please contact: Jean-Charles Chevalier, Sébastien Prouvost, Rémy Gaudic.

Start Up Studio  

Today, truly disruptive innovation consists in inventing scalable solutions that respect the physical boundaries of our planet. Solutions that help us rapidly transform our economies so that we can pass on a viable planet to future generations. In that context, BearingPoint's 're.invent' start-up studio provides the mindset, frameworks, processes and tools that help game-changing entrepreneurs incubate and accelerate such ambitious solutions." 
If you want to know more about our projects, approaches, methods, tools and meet the people behind the "re.invent" start-up studio, come and visit us! 
If you want more information, please contact: Martin Mayer et Stephane Marcovitch Bruneau

Energy and Climate Tech 

Sustainability Assets  

While more and more companies have carried out a carbon footprint, and eventually set decarbonization goal for the long-term, they lack the capacity to build a consistent decarbonization plan covering 100% of the scope and enabling to reach an ambitious target. BearingPoint and I Care are developing a solution to understand the required effort and help companies to model their decarbonization action plan. 
If you want more information, please contact: Léo Genin, Guillaume Neveux, Marc Hispa.  

Data X ESG – Iceberg Data Lab

Iceberg Data Lab is a Fintech firm that ESG analysis tools and database to financial institutions.   
Increasingly, stakeholders are demanding greater accountability from financial institutions about the impact of their portfolios on the environment. Our models calculate the environmental impact of issuers and assets throughout their value chain (scope 3 included: supply chain to end use). We deliver science-based metrics that identify the most harmful and material impacts of issuers on a bottom-up basis and develop IA-based analytics tools assisting ESG analysts. 
If you want more information, please contact:


In response to increasing pressure from consumers and governments, BearingPoint and SAP have developed a solution to help our clients address environmental issues that are now at the heart of their strategy. SAP PFM is a solution that will allow you to measure the greenhouse gases generated by the company's processes and products from cradle to gate, and help you identify the action levers. 
If you want more information, please contact: Laetitia Lavollee


Be Credit  

BeCredit helps CFOs bridge the gap between the need to manage customer portfolio risk and revenue growth objectives. Portfolio management and credit decisions are simplified with the help of AI. Overall performance is measured, and strategy is adjusted for the right balance between sales growth and risk minimization. 
If you want more information, please contact: Didier Louro, Germain Garnier.


Leverage state of art in AI/ML&DL and benefit from an undisputed forecasting accuracy that will drive better decision making and strengthen your bottom line. DemandSens is already computing every year 300M+ forecast quantities for 13k+ SKUs and 20k+PoS!   
If you want more information, please contact: Marc Hispa, Jorg Kubenka, Maha Massabi.


One holistic solution covering Demand Management, Operational Execution, Commercials and Asset Lifecycle Aspects to manage equipment fleet efficiently and optimize productivity along the entire value chain to transform equipment management into a solid value driver.    
If you want more information, please contact: Alexandre Darraspen, Willy Marmuse, Eric Dupuy.

Marketing & advertising


Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or B2B retailer, OPTIX boosts your profit margin by up to 1.5pts with a better pricelist.  Traditional pricing models are challenged by new elements (such as price increases from raw materials & suppliers, price transparency with increased digitalization of sales) which in turn stress the usual components of your commercial policy (simulation & analysis capabilities, pricing processes & organization).  BearingPoint can help you with your pricing strategy through consulting, and thanks to its in-house tool “OPTIX”, combining 10+ years of experience on B2B2C pricing.  
If you want more information, please contact: François-Xavier Chiarasini, Pierre Bruère, Alexandre Van de Casteele.


For the Automotive industry, the 360° customer view is shared between multiple stakeholders and initiated by the car manufacturer. Nevertheless, the relationship with the Car Manufacturer is often limited to car purchase. The main customer interactions will happen for after-sales activities mainly handled by retailers with a strong silo between sales and after-sales activities. Neuralytics offers the opportunity to value after sales data and automate business processes to improve customer satisfaction, generate leads for sales and increase the overall retailer efficiency/profitability. 
If you want more information, please contact: Gilian Berquiere, Jonathan DamisJimmy Brumant.

Future Societies

Steer IO  

Within organisations, most of the work is now project-based and team-oriented. In the meantime, leading and transforming businesses is increasingly complex and management capabilities are in sky-high demand: most projects and initiatives are failing due to poor team alignment and collective performance ; an observation reinforced with new hybrid ways of working.   
Based on the observation that highly performing teams are sharing common patterns, Steerio aims at combining managerial, behavioral and data-science to make teamwork better. By boosting group's self-awareness and developing a strong data-driven feedback culture, our widely deployed and customizable solution helps teams to adopt best practices and deliver better outcomes.  
If you want more information, please contact: Damien Guery.

VR Training and Immersive Collaboration   

Virtual reality (VR) has revolutionized the learning experience, particularly in the B2B (business-to-business) sector. With its immersive capabilities, VR offers a powerful tool for training and education in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and professional skills development. By creating realistic simulations and interactive environments, VR enables businesses to provide hands-on training, enhance knowledge retention, and improve employee performance. With its practical applications and impact on skill acquisition, VR is transforming the way B2B organizations approach learning and development.  
If you want more information, please contact: Eric Chevallet.

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