Learn from Astra Zeneca's case

Every researcher knows it: Time spent chasing for hard-to-find chemical and biological reagents means less time at the bench, which means lower productivity.

On the other hand, rushing an order often means paying premium prices and/or getting materials that are already in stock and will perhaps never be used.

How to address these unique challenges of pharma R&D procurement?

Discover JAGGAER Research Material Management (RMM) unique one-stop solution, allowing our customers to experience:

  • Purchase avoidance – 10-20%
  • Disposal avoidance – 2-5%
  • Contract compliance – 9-15%

By attending this webinar, you will get a unique opportunity to discover the game-changer JAGGAER RMM solution, to get the return of experience of AstraZeneca, who uses JAGGAER RMM to optimize spend and ensure regulatory compliance. You will also gain valuable insights on how to overcome obstacles and drive success in the implementation of new information systems for your R&D teams.


  • Colin Blackmore, Augmented DMTA IT Platform Lead, AstraZeneca
  • Virgile Vanoosten, Solution Architect, JAGGAER
  • Nicolas Gudin du Pavillon, VP Sales, JAGGAER
  • Corinne De Villeneuve, Director Life Sciences, BearingPoint
  • Mircea Teodorescu, Manager Procurement expert in Cosmetics, Chemical & Life Sciences industries, BearingPoint