Sustainable procurement is undoubtedly rising as a key driver of supply chain sustainability. Buyers have a strategic positioning as they face suppliers and are positioned quite upstream in the value chain. Collaboration is key with both internal and external stakeholders.

But the topic is so broad, time- and effort-consuming, under increasing and accelerating regulation pressure that buyers barely know where to start and how to pitch the business case.

In this series of interactive events in partnership with SAP Ariba, you will learn about practical cases from our experts and panelists from various industries and backgrounds and ultimately be armed to initiate or pursue the change of mindset in your purchasing organization. Following our introductory seminar on 6 April 2022, we would now like to invite you to our industry-specific workshops that will address the challenges your company and colleagues are facing.

On-Site Follow-Up Event: “Sustainability beyond regulation” on September 20, 2022 in Hallbergmoos near Munich

This Follow-Up Event includes industry-specific workshops that will address the challenges your company and colleagues are facing.

Participants will be grouped into industry clusters as follows:

  • Automotive, Manufacturing, Steel
  • Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Chemicals, Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Goods, Retail, Food & Beverage

We will take this opportunity to collect your questions as a basis for the 3rd virtual event which will consist of individual sessions and will take place remotely in November*. Interactive workshops will be conducted as a Q&A session for each industry cluster and will tackle challenges addressed during the 2nd event. Furthermore, individual workshops may as well be organized.  A full agenda of the day can be found at the end of the page.


  • Dr. Thomas Schulte, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management Purchasing, BOSCH. (requested)
  • Christian Sauer, Sustainable Purchasing Senior Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim. (requested)


  • Tamara Braun, Former CPO SAP, SVP Customer Office, SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network Middle and Eastern Europe.
  • Ralf Dillmann, Partner and Global Head Sourcing and Procurement, BearingPoint.

To wrap-up the series a closing webinar will take place. We will keep you informed.

*Subject to change with the current situation

  1. Agenda

    1. CEST

      Arrival & Welcome

    2. CEST

      Kick-off Sustainability beyond regulation

    3. CEST

      Supply Chain Acts: Challenges and Implementation alternatives

    4. CEST

      Industry-specific workshops

      Automotive, Manufacturing, Steel: Cost break down and carbon break down – How to include environmental sourcing decision criteria? Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Chemicals, Oil & Gas: Sustainable Sourcing Intelligence – How to source more sustainable raw material? Consumer Goods, Retail, Food & Beverage: Integration of sustainability supplier data for consumer communication

    5. CEST


    6. CEST

      Presentation of results

    7. CEST

      Summary & Closing

    8. CEST



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Zeppelinstraße 2
85399  Hallbergmoos bei München, Germany
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