In this webinar, our experts will share valuable insights on how organizations can leverage data to drive transformation programs effectively by using process mining.

How would this help your organization?

Data driven transformation offers an effective approach to drive digitalization, compared to traditional expert workshop and process modelling/discovery approaches.

Specifically, the approach enables:

  • Strategic allocation of your transformation efforts and budget to deliver the biggest impact
  • Enhanced customer experience through digitalization measures
  • Improved bottom line performance through KPI management
  • Increased transparency leading to better Compliance management
  • Ability to measure the realized benefits and drive continuous improvement (It’s a reality)

Global SME: Theodor Schabicki

Local leads:
Vasant Chaudhry, Head of Business Consulting, Singapore
Shilpa Boranaa, Banking SME
Svitlana Volochai, Insurance SME

  1. Agenda

    1. SGT

      Introduction to data-driven transformation

    2. SGT

      Demo to share how we have helped organizations to transform their processes

    3. SGT

      Q & A

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