For the companies and organizations we support, HR data is proving to be an increasingly valuable tool for driving performance, engagement, and predictability.

However, many are still grappling with how to make the best use of this data. To address this issue, our team conducted a comprehensive inquiry into the best practices for HR data. We covered topics such as its uses, impacts on HR organizations, processes and skills, required governance, compliance, and the technologies necessary to process the data from end to end (from quality control to HR decision-making).

Our inquiry included a quantitative survey of 105 HR professionals in Q1 2022, as well as a qualitative survey consisting of individual interviews with a dozen HR directors, managers, and data professionals from large companies and public administrations (BNP Paribas, Direction générale des finances publiques, Equans, La Poste, LVMH, Marine nationale, Saint-Gobain, Sanofi, Total Energies, Vinci Energies, Groupe VYV) to understand how they approach HR data in their respective organizations.

We have compiled a whitepaper in three parts summarizing our conclusions based on the survey results and our subject matter expertise.

  1. Our findings on the current use of HR data and the perspectives expressed by the participants of the surveys;
  2. Our vision of the existing digital ecosystem which enables companies to make use of their HR data;
  3. Our recommendations for gaining maturity in the use of HR data.
  • Whitepaper: Leveraging HR Data for Performance, Engagement, and Predictability
    Whitepaper: Leveraging HR Data for Performance, Engagement, and Predictability 3.4 MB Download

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