Change is inevitable. Successful enterprises align five capabilities to be both successful and resilient.

All organisations are looking to navigate the current waves of change, disruption and extreme events. We are creating a series of five papers exploring each of the five pillars that creates a resilient enterprise using the data from our 2021 analysis of over 5000 projects and subsequent ranking of the top 150 resilient organisations. 

We’re looking at showing our clients how they can align the five key characteristics that enable organizations to thrive in volatile environments by examining in depth each key pillar.

Our research shows Resilient organisations are successful organisations and deliver in these key areas: 

  • They know their customers’ ecosystem
  • They empower their people for change
  • They turn data centricity into a competitive advantage
  • They use technology to improve agility
  • They simplify governance for fast decisions

Our 2021 benchmark analysis was one of the most resource-intense at BearingPoint. We analysed thousands of client projects to determine that five characteristics, when aligned enabled success. We’re now exploring each area in depth to support our clients to become more resilient to disruptive change.

Matthias Loebich, Global Leader Markets and Networks


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