How does the consulting industry move from a male-dominated corporate culture to diverse leadership? Learn with Melanie Tobler and Matthias Loebich.

In Episode 1, we’ll be looking at gender equity and female acceleration, specifically how the consulting industry moves from a male-dominated corporate culture to actual diverse and inclusive leadership​.

BearingPoint is in the midst of a years-long diversity and inclusion program, summarized under the umbrella term “DIVE” – that’s Diversity, Inclusion, Variety and Equity. The goal is to build and maintain an environment where talent can thrive. From this perspective, gender diversity in staff, leadership and decision-making are not a “nice to have,” but instead is business critical for BearingPoint, all consulting firms and every organization to perform to its full potential.

The Talking beyond business podcast is hosted by Chris Quinn.

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Show Notes

  • Melanie Tobler (Partner at BearingPoint) represents the point of view from within BearingPoint and explains the initiatives such as DIVE (Diversity, Inclusion, Variety and Equity) and goals that are set to achieve a more diverse and female leadership
  • Matthias Loebich (Partner at BearingPoint) represents the point of view from within BearingPoint but also beyond as he is leading the European Consulting Association FEACO
  • BearingPoint wants to increase the female share of staff: By 2025, we seek to have 40% of the company staffed by women and make up 20% partners.  
  • Achieving a more significant female representation in leadership means overcoming the three biggest challenges: lack of equity, structures and rules that govern leadership positions (male-dominated corporate culture), balancing female career ambitions with their responsibilities outside of work, such as caregiving
  • How? Corporate strategy, in promotions, in the daily work environment: Organize female leadership programs to offer sponsorship and retain talent, offer flexibility and work-time arrangements to become more people-centric as being family-supportive
  • Female acceleration within BearingPoint but in general should be handled on a country-by-country basis, as legislation and cultural norms are very different around the globe
  • Melanie Tobler

    Melanie Tobler is a Partner at BearingPoint, active in the Automotive Industry. In addition, she fills the role of the global sponsor for BearingPoint’s DIVE initiative and is leading the charge for the organization to meet its sustainability goals for higher female representation, summarized under “female acceleration”.

  • Matthias Loebich

    Matthias Loebich is a Partner and Member of the Global Management Team at BearingPoint– but in addition currently leading the European Consulting Association FEACO. As such Matthias is speaking to bring the perspective and discussion points for the consulting industry. 

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