How do female role models contribute to breaking barriers in male-dominated industries, and what challenges do they face along the way? Gain valuable insights from Tania Rosser and Dearbhla O'Shea.

In this episode, delve into the inspiring journeys of Tania Rosser, the first female head coach of The Leinster rugby team in Ireland, and Dearbhla O'Shea, an accomplished technology consulting manager at BearingPoint. Tania shares her experiences from the frontlines of rugby coaching, highlighting the hurdles faced as a female leader in sports. Meanwhile, Dearbhla offers candid reflections on her rise in the technology consulting sector, discussing the challenges encountered, such as being heard, and strategies for success. Discover how their stories exemplify the resilience and determination of female role models, offering valuable insights into pathways to empowerment and equality.​

The Talking beyond business podcast is hosted by Chris Quinn.

Talking beyond business - #6 Female Role Models​

Show Notes

  • Tania Rosser and Dearbhla O'Shea delve into the multifaceted challenges faced by female role models in male-dominated industries, emphasizing their pivotal roles in fostering diversity and inclusion.​
  • Tania shares moving moments from her coaching career, recounting instances of being the lone female among male coaches and facing misconceptions and inappropriate comments about her role in rugby, underscoring the challenges of visibility and recognition for female leaders.​
  • Reflecting on her Māori heritage, Tania emphasizes the influence of strong women in her upbringing, highlighting the significance of female representation in breaking stereotypes and shaping perceptions.​
  • Despite challenges, Tania shares her fulfillment in her coaching journey through meaningful interactions with players, highlighting the importance of understanding and support in fostering inclusiveness in sports.​
  • Dearbhla offers reflections on her experiences in the technology consulting sector, shedding light on the challenges of being heard and recognized compared to male counterparts in same positions.​
  • Dearbhla acknowledges the impact of having strong female role models in her career, from her development manager to colleagues who inspired her to excel in the technology consulting sector. She further shares her own role model experience when she received feedback from a more junior colleague acknowledging her as a strong female role model, realizing the significance of her influence beyond her day-to-day responsibilities.​
  • Tania and Dearbhla address the challenges women encounter in male-dominated industries, emphasizing the need for assertiveness and stepping out of comfort zones to succeed while advocating for inclusive leadership training that educates both men and women on supporting each other.​
  • Tania Rosser

    Tania, a New Zealand-born Irish rugby union player, has graced three Women’s Rugby World Cups, including the 2014 edition. At the close of 2021, Tania achieved a historic milestone: she was announced as the head coach of The Leinster Women’s team, becoming the first female head coach in Leinster. Her leadership, expertise, and commitment to fostering talent are driving positive change in the world of rugby. In the field of sports and more particularly in Rugby where very few women are taking the role of coaching, she shares truly inspiring aspects of her career and her point of view on female role models.​

  • Dearbhla O'Shea

    Dearbhla, a Manager at BearingPoint Ireland, combines technical understanding with a scientific mindset. Her journey with BearingPoint began in 2016 when she joined as an Analyst. Since then, she has accumulated over seven years of technology consulting experience. Dearbhla’s ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions has been instrumental in delivering successful projects, especially as a test manager. Growing from an Analyst to a Manager in technology consulting, she shares her point of view on how she got inspired by other female role models within BearingPoint and beyond throughout her career.​

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