As the essential basis of an organization and covering all end-to-end business processes, ERP systems have a vast impact on agility and flexibility of business models in the fast-moving digital world.

Progressing digitalization and the resulting need for a high degree of integration call for state-of-the-art ERP systems that can meet these demands and effectively support core business processes for finance and controlling. Furthermore, usability as well as agility and scalability gain new importance, requiring innovative ERP systems that are not only functionality-driven but also take other factors into consideration.

Next Generation ERP:

With our extensive experience in finance, management control and SAP ERP, our professionals are constantly in touch with the most innovative solutions to assist you in evolving your financial and management processes.

Our teams are certified on the new SAP Suite, S/4HANA, and they are ready to accompany and guide you in the choices that will define the future of your business.

Combining our technology skills with our know-how in business strategies and processes, we can support you to identify the best direction for your business and achieve a successful ERP design and implementation, whether cloud, on premise or hybrid solution.

Our experts help you identify what your IT needs regarding the ERP system, and also the best way to determine business requirements and translate it to your people and into new business roles.

We provide our expertise in the following areas:

  1. Business driven ERP governance
    We analyze existing governance elements and define current levels and steps to improve mature models including proof of concepts, feasibility studies, implementation plans and cost estimates. Our offer includes the analysis of benefits for governance and enabling stakeholder buy-in. Furthermore, we establish centers of governance for global ERP systems and IT-service processes.
  2. ERP architecture optimization and harmonization
    In terms of optimization and harmonization efforts, we analyze requirements and risks carefully and evaluate needs. Our evaluation methods guide you to an objective selection.
  3. ERP strategy definition and business alignment
    To derive IT expectations and gaps, we align your business requirements across relevant regions and business units. We formulate your IT department’s vision and mission as well as resulting guidelines and principles. We determine the optimal ERP application landscape including governance standards, IT organization and IT processes in close partnership with your enterprise. On that basis, we derive the required activities to implement the ERP strategy step-by-step, including project and program definition, resource estimates, cost estimates, business case and timeline.
  4. Implementation of global ERP systems
    We leverage economies of scale by setting up an industrialized approach with central teams, local teams and a template factory to allow rollouts at minimum cost. We manage multiple teams across the globe either as a full service provider or together in a multi-provider team. In the role of an unbiased auditor, we review your global implementation initiative. Furthermore, we provide application service on a long term contractual basis as part of our offering.

We bring benefits to clients across all industries, from telecommunications to media, logistics and technology, from automotive to utilities, retail and banking.

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