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Our Digital Ecosystem Management experts

Our research suggests that the fourth industrial revolution, as the World Economic Forum calls it, is estimated to create a new addressable market worth $8 trillion by 2025.

Digital natives are leading the charge, leveraging platform-based business models to harness and disrupt throughout all industry verticals. Platforms create a dynamic market place, making it fast, affordable and easy for buyers and sellers to find each other, bringing together the four roles of producer, provider, owner and customer in an ecosystem where roles are interchangeable.

Creating a more digitally disruptive business model with a differentiating partner ecosystem for co-creation, innovation and investment around a platform is the way forward on the digital transformation journey.

With our complete Digital Ecosystem Management solution, the power of platform business models can be fully leveraged, enabling you to adopt and adapt for accelerated transformation and revenue growth.

The video below provides an introduction into how DEM can help reinvigorate traditional businesses.

Digital Ecosystem Management- The new way to grow

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