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The world’s first Business Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) launched by BT helps companies digitize, disrupt, collaborate and transform. A proven platform – trusted by customers, endorsed by analysts.

Recent research indicates that ecosystem orchestrators (businesses using platforms for their business model) deliver the highest earnings multiples, typically 8x with Facebook, Alibaba and LinkedIn as examples. These new, scalable, digitally networked business models are affecting growth, scale and profit potential for companies in every industry. To avoid disruption – or even lead disruption – means changing the way you operate to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. And in fact, creating and curating digital platforms to access and exploit new revenue streams is an opportunity for all businesses, established and new. Adopting digital platforms is the “new way to grow”!

BT’s Business Platform-as-a-Service, leveraging our Infonova R6 Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) software solution, provides our clients with a platform for creating digital business offerings to their own clients, including infrastructure services — alone or as part of a larger R6aaS ecosystem.

5 reasons why our BPaaS is relevant to you and your clients

  1. The business platform-as-a-service is designed to help companies digitize their existing products and services, create and launch new digital services, speed up their time-to-market whilst creating new ways to grow and disrupting traditional business models.
  2. It is built on BearingPoint’s Infonova R6 DEM software and is the same cloud management and orchestration system used by BT to allow customers to self-serve, purchase and access cloud services online. BT calls this service “PCMS”.
  3. As BT’s joint go to market partner for PCMS, BearingPoint is well positioned to offer this unique service to our clients and help them to quickly develop a platform business – the fastest growing and currently most successful business model adopted by the world’s 5 biggest organizations and 50% of the world’s 30 largest brands.
  4. BPaaS can be used in many scenarios across all industries and spans widely different business models, but all have the platform at the center as the aggregation point for buyers and suppliers. Current client solutions include:
  • Hybrid public & private cloud with full-chargeback to a multi-agency multi-country governmental body
  • Smart grid solutions for utilities
  • Insurance x-play/Insurance-for-life – bundling multiple insurance products to offer customers discounts
  • Banks & Fintechs to monetize their data and APIs as part of PSD2 and the Open-Banking directives
  • IoT and smart cities

5. BT is a global Tier 1 telco that has strong relationships with the world’s largest 800 organizations, complementing BearingPoint’s knowledge and services along with wide C-level relationships and business reach.

Read IDC’s take on the BearingPoint/BT Business-Platform-as-a-Service offering. “At BearingPoint, digital ecosystems have become the center of the firm's own digital strategy and transformation, and Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) is a unique and emerging BearingPoint offering designed to guide, plan, and design new business services offerings for the "platform economy," recognizing the importance of network effects in future business models built on ecosystems of partners and networks, and operationalized on a service orchestration platform.” IDC, September 2017.

Our BPaaS enables a roadmap for disruptive growth:

  1. RED OCEANS: Clients leverage advanced business support functions (e.g. billing, CRM-as a-service) as business operations in the Cloud (cost/efficiency and new revenues)
  2. VALUE ADD: Clients sell new types of (digital) services to customers (current and new) for new business enablement (new revenues)
  3. BLUE OCEANS: Clients create and monetize a digital ecosystem via a multi-sided ecosystem platform (business model innovation)

With CMS (and now PCMS), it always envisaged a dynamic environment for both hosting and consuming services, for internal enterprise applications and for a B2B2B supply chain. BT can rightly position PCMS as a BPaaS capable of enabling digital transformation. In 2017, the market is ready for a solution like this, and BT can demonstrate its offering is tested and proven by many customers.

John Marcus, GlobalData (formerly Current Analysis)

Firms are likely to deploy ‘platform enabling platform’ technologies that help to create horizontal linkages across their vertical businesses. We can expect to see more and more businesses adopting such technology as they seek to digitalize their global business operations.

Geoffrey Parker, Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College, Fellow at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and author of Platform Revolution