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Continual growth is crucial. In the current climate, global economic slowdown and digital disruption are two major factors underpinning the need for creative growth strategies.

The industrial internet of everything – where people, data, processes and things are increasingly connected in real time – is creating and encouraging new disruptions and opportunities in all sectors. Looking ahead, this fourth industrial revolution, as the World Economic Forum calls it, is estimated to create a new addressable market worth $8 trillion by 2025.

Leading the way are enterprises who have so far taken greatest advantage of the digital economy. Digital native organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb and Uber have grown exponentially through leveraging a winning business model to create flexible digital platforms that manage and monetize vibrant ecosystems of consumers, producers and innovators. We call this new discipline of business model transformation “Digital Ecosystem Management” or “DEM”. It’s an approach that any business can now adopt and adapt for themselves to create new growth.

Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) Solution:

By combining our dedicated DEM consulting expertise with our unique technology and operational support we provide a complete solution by working in partnership with you across three key areas:

1. Strategy:  Business model/ecosystem design, market propositions/ignition strategy, Enterprise architecture/operational planning.
2. Technology : DEM architecture, Infonova R6 software and systems integration
3. Operations: Lean start-up , managed services, joint selling. 

How DEM adds value:

DEM is a new discipline that changes the rules of growth strategy and if implemented well can deliver benefits in three key areas:

1. Increased revenue: Increased sales of new and existing products and services; Entry into new markets; acquisition of new customers
2. Customer satisfaction: provide customers and partners broader choices of services; provide attractive consumption models and opportunities to personalization through rich data analytics
3. Improved performance: reduce time to market; increase operational efficiency and creating a large knowledge base that enables staff and partners to respond to market needs effectively.

We are implementing DEM programmes for clients in many sectors around the world – from telecoms to media, entertainment and technology, from automotive to smart cities, utilities and financial service. Below are some of the benefits realized by our clients:

Moving to an ecosystem management model has created a step-change in our growth.Average deal size has increased threefold, win rates are up, we have major new deals, and our clients are able to launch operations in months not years. Infonova R6 is a very elegant solution for monetizing many different types of complex services. BearingPoint supports us with consulting, the software, systems integration, managed services and go-to-market.

VP, Global Cloud Services Provider

Since we adopted BearingPoint’s DEM solution, we’ve seen hockey-stick growth in our business.

VP, Global Enterprise