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Beyond by BearingPoint* helps organizations reinvent their business models and grow from efficiency to innovation. Our digital platform solutions give companies the start-up advantage to move rapidly from ideas to concept to revenue, with minimum risk and cost – getting closer to customers, building connections between systems and partners and becoming more agile in the face of digital disruption.

We are at an inflection point. Digital superpowers, unicorns and start-ups are harnessing the power of digital platforms to reinvent industry business models to win over new customers and digitally enable people to swap information, assets, opinions, services, content and ideas.

Digital platforms generate value by bringing together and connecting customers, producers and providers (ecosystem partners), facilitating automated interactions and transactions in a multi-sided model to create a network effect. Any one actor can play one or multiple roles in any scenario.

Today, investors perceive asset-light platform businesses as having more sustainable sources of competitive advantage and therefore greater potential for generating future growth. This is reflected in much higher market valuations compared to both traditional asset intensive and services businesses.

There are different pathways companies can pursue to realize growth and the opportunities offered by digital platforms whilst unlocking synergies with their core business.

1. Innovation platform

Stands alongside the existing business and is for companies looking to grow by introducing new digital offerings, embrace new technologies and/or expand into adjacent markets.

2. Digital platform at the core

Improves operational efficiency while enabling the expansion of core offerings to new digital services through innovation and the ecosystem.

3. Combined model

Gives businesses the advantage of innovating fast on new services while improving efficiency in their traditional core business, integrating 1 and 2 to put them on a pathway to growth.

BearingPoint Institute Research has found that companies who diversified and added digital platform-based business models into their mix improved their market valuations by 65% in 2016 when compared to those who maintained a traditional mono-business model. Furthermore, between 2011-2016, companies with hybrid models generated double the rate of growth at 8% versus 4% for traditional.

To discover more about how you can drive your digital transformation and introduce your company to business model reinvention through digital platforms, download our Whitepaper – Delivering growth using a Digital Platform

* Previously Digital Ecosystem Management

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