I have over 25 years' experience in leading reorganization and information system projects, and I am currently the global leader for People & Strategy.

I have been heading up the Defense and Internal Security sector at BearingPoint France for over 10 years. I lead a team that is focused on addressing the strategic challenges and problems in this sector.

We are committed to helping homeland security operators improve their operational efficiency, their investment control, logistics and maintenance processes, and their careers and skills management practices.

We are currently strengthening our presence in the data analysis sector (Big Data) in a bid to help organizations tighten up their security.

I am a former naval officer (naval college) and I also have a Masters in entrepreneurship. Before joining BearingPoint in 1996, I was a partner at IDRH.  I am actually an auditor for the 60th national session of the IHEDN (Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defense).


  • Global Leader for People & Strategy

    Paris, France
  • Industry Leader for Public Services

    2017 – 2020
    Paris, France
  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2003 – Present
    Paris, France
  • Joined BearingPoint

    Paris, France
  • Partner, IDRH

    Paris, France
    - Change management and reorganization projects in several sectors (banking, industries and the public sector) - Training on management and organization of middle managers
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