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The coronavirus pandemic has sent the global economy into a tailspin. The chemical, life sciences and oil and gas industries are facing staffing issues, production facility closures, resource bottlenecks, and paralyzed supplier networks. After understanding the impacts on performance and setting up your crisis management strategy, it is now critical that you enable your teams to manage sales, the supply chain, production, and financial performance going forward. In our webinar series, we would like to share experiences and lessons learned to support you in seeing the bigger picture and some food for thought for your work. 

Join our webinars on the following topics: 

Consent Management as a strategic asset in turbulent times 
Wednesday, 20.05.2020, 16:00-16:45   
Speaker: Alexander Alex, Senior Manager, BearingPoint

Supplier & Supply Chain Risk Management in uncertain times 
Wednesday, 27.05.2020, 16:00-16:45   
Speaker: Ralf Dillmann, Partner, BearingPoint 

Performance Management in chemical, life sciences and oil and gas industries – challenges and chances resulting from the crisis 
Wednesday, 03.06.2020, 16:00-16:45   
Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Voell, Senior Manager, BearingPoint 

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  • Consent Management as a strategic asset in turbulent times

    Well before GDPR, we understood that it is vital to treat the data and information of our clients with diligence and care. Hasn’t it always been more a question of respect than an obligation? A successful and holistic Consent Management process enables a multichannel strategy and drives success for your marketing and sales teams without legal and compliance risks. 


    • Consent as strategic value for your multichannel strategy 
    • Challenges and potentials of a global consent management process and solution 
    • The BearingPoint approach for successful Consent Management 
  • Supplier & Supply Chain Risk Management in uncertain times

    After setting up response capabilities to manage risk of supply as well as transportation capacities, it is also key to plan the recovery of the Sourcing & Supply Chain functions. In the chemical and oil and gas industries, we see the challenges to balance risk and cost for the external workforce, inventory capacity, and vendor managed inventory to ensure profitability. 


    • Phases of the crisis: urgent measures, shut down measures, ramp up measures 
    • Guide for supplier and risk management and SCM recovery 
    • How to develop supplier and supply chain risk management 
  • Performance Management in chemical, life sciences and oil and gas industries – challenges and chances resulting from the crisis

    In times of crisis, the chemical, life sciences and oil and gas industries face unique challenges. The frequency of forecasting and reporting has to be increased significantly to support quick and reasonable management decisions. The crisis underlines the importance of the right performance management setup. 


    • Short-term reactions: How performance management can help master the crisis 
    • Using the crisis to get the basics right: Planning and forecasting 
    • Making reporting more reasonable, proactive and flexible 

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