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Urban logistics activities are expected to grow by 8% a year in Europe through to 2030. Deliveries of goods already account for 20% of all traffic and for 30% of pollution in our cities, and flows are continuing to increase.

As our society comes to demand ever more immediacy, deliveries in urban areas present a major and increasingly complex challenge for logistics actors: while some consumers prefer more eco-friendly deliveries, others wish to support their local shops, deliveries in urban areas contribute to traffic jams, pollution and noise disturbance, and the COVID-19 pandemic has given a boost to online shopping.

Solutions to the economic and environmental challenges of urban logistics include investments in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, enhanced collaboration between the various actors in the ecosystem, private and public alike, and reflection on the organization of logistics facilities.

To address this topic, Professor Olivier BadotScientific Director of the Chair and Full Professor at ESCP, gave the word to:

  • Professor Joe Miemczyk, ESCP
  • Richard Walters, Manager, BearingPoint
  • Laura Morroll, Senior Manager, BearingPoint
  • Tony Mannix, CEO, Clipper Logistics

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