Creating greater transparency is the key to our approach. You cannot manage what you do not measure, and that is where LogEC, our leading-edge solution, comes in.

In the EU, transport is responsible for about a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, and for various trade-lanes traffic is expected to increase by 400% until 2050. Tighter regulations and laws are on the way for all modes of transportation, and there is an increasing need for accurate carbon footprint calculations.

The success of your logistics operations is linked to its sustainability – LogEC helps you focus on and improve sustainability by enabling you to calculate and analyze the footprint of your shipments. LogEC calculates the emissions for CO2 and CO2e. It offers the most accurate information and the highest level of detail, automatically calculating emissions for every shipment. Furthermore, you can efficiently integrate new customers with standard interfaces for shipment data. Throughout the entire process, you benefit from full compliance to the DIN EN16258 standard and French decree 2011:1336.

LogEc is compliant to standards and legal requirements

With the information provided by LogEC, you and your customers are able to plan, evaluate, implement and monitor green actions to reduce your environmental impact.

You can benefit from the following features:

  • Detailed emissions: Breaking calculations down the level of single shipments or even parcels – showing detailed information on transport, warehouse and all related handling processes. 
  • International and multimodal: You can choose transport configurations across borders as well as with all modes of transportation (air, ocean, truck, rail and barge).
  • Usage of real and simulated data: LogEC can use operational data such as track and trace or simulate transports, e.g. by using invoice data.
  • Workarounds for missing data: Fallback logic is implemented to close gaps in case of missing real data, backing up the system with official values (e.g. HBEFA values).
  • Flexible and adjustable: LogEC can serve different needs and can be easily adjusted to meet new requirements.

LogEC - Logistics Emissions Calculator overview


Greenwashing was yesterday – carbon accounting is now. More and more of your clients will be asking for detailed emissions reports and for actions to reduce emissions.

This applies not only to your customers but also to analysts and rating agencies. In the 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Index questionnaire, for example, the emissions of engaged logistics service providers were requested. Are you ready to tackle these challenges? Are you ready to answer more than ten emissions report requests per month?

LogEC - intermodal transports and end to end calculation

  • Can you provide individual shipment level and supply client-specific reports?
  • Are you compliant with EN 16258 and French decree 2011-1336?
  • Do you have more than two 3PLs engaged?
  • Can you consolidate the carbon data given by the 3PL?
  • Do you trust your carbon balance sheets?
  • Does your auditor accept your carbon declaration?
  • Do you have a green roadmap or strategy to reduce your emissions?
  • Do you offer carbon neutral logistics services or products?

With LogEC you can answer all these questions confidently in the affirmative. The original LogEC was designed for shippers to help them calculate carbon emissions as accurately as possible with a minimum amount of available data and information. Typical data from transport invoices and delivery notes is sufficient to simulate your emissions by using client-specific business rules that are applied to enrich the daily data uploads. This approach gives you reliable and certified results without the need for real transport information. However, if 3PL shipment data is available, it can be integrated at any time to increase data quality and results.

Detailed transport information leads to a high level of data quality and to a high amount of data itself. The system architecture of LogEC handles mass data processing so you can calculate emissions for millions of shipments and report CO2 and CO2e at the individual shipment or parcel level. High accuracy helps you participate in tenders, meet customer and market needs, identify inefficiencies in your networks and report emissions in accordance with DIN  EN 16258 and French decree 2011:1336.

LogEC for shippers and 3PLs

LogEC is designed for shippers and 3PLs

The uniquely intelligent and adaptable capabilities of the tools ensure accurate calculations that utilize either highly detailed transport information (the 3PL approach) or executing calculations with only a minimum amount of information (the shipper approach).

LogEC Highlights

The core concept at the heart of the design of LogEC is to support shippers and 3PLs in order to close data gaps and ensure the highest level of quality available.

LogEC comes with standard global values and is freely configurable to meet the needs of customers and support emissions calculations with a minimum amount of data and effort. Business rules can be modelled to enrich the available data and customize results.


All products of the Log-family are cloud service based on SAP Hana (SCP) and available globally via a web browser:

  • Standard diagrams and reporting are based on SAPUI5.
  • All coding done in native HANA SQL / XS Classic. Frontend contains logic for visualizations only.
  • Predictive-Analytics library for performing trend analyses
  • Log360 utilizes a predictive analytics library to perform trend analyses.
  • Integrated development environment for frontend, services and databank entities
  • Data service definitions are based on tables and views of the HANA Database.
  • On the server-side a JavaScript application logic is implemented.
  • XS-Engine and DB speak the same “dialect” – no “translations” are necessary.
  • Optimal data transfer between backend and frontend is ensured.
  • Interfaces from flat files to OData- and REST-services allow high flexibility and quick ramp up.
  • An embedded Google API service is used for accurate geo-coding.

Log-Family Technology

Log360 online interface

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LogEC: Helping you really account for carbon

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