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Notre client est la plus haute autorité du secteur de la santé en Allemagne. L'une des tâches essentielles consiste à garantir à court et long termes la qualité de la prise en charge médicale

Les objectifs du projet

The extension of eHealth solutions and intelligent digital concepts are essential for the future development of healthcare.

So far, the use of IT in healthcare is dominated by stand-alone solutions or devices which are not able to communicate with one another.

In order to improve medical treatment and support the cross-sector exchange of information a holistic approach is needed.

Ce qu'a fait BearingPoint

The project consists of five steps:

  • Step 1 – Analysis of the current state
  • Step 2 – Analysis of customer needs and technical requirements
  • Step 3 – Identify need for action
  • Step 4 – Proof of Concept/ Validation
  • Step 5 – Finalisation and development of an implementation plan

Des résultats mesurables et concrets

Propose a holistic approach for stronger use and implementation of interoperable solutions in the German healthcare market.

Relevant aspects:

  • Development and maintenance of interoperable solutions
  • Technical realisation
  • Governance and transparency
  • Usability in clinical practice