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The Press Review Team: Gayané Bakaloglou, Emilie Ramon, Albane Rouaix, Léa Korenian - Consultants in Retail / CPG / Luxury 

Notable trends

According to the results of an iStock study, half of the French people believe it is important to support SMEs and local businesses, especially in this period of health crisis. However, this statement is not completely reflected in their behavior, since only 27% have actually changed their purchasing habits in this direction. Their main leitmotiv: make an active contribution and support small businesses. On the other hand, a quarter of those surveyed admitted having increased their purchases from major retailers and brands since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of them (63%) mention the convenience argument, i.e. the possibility of making all their purchases at the same place.

Siècle Digital - 2020/12/10 - More details

Retailers from Nordstrom to Sephora are allowing customers to pay for items as inexpensive as a tube of lipstick in installments in a concept known as "buy now, pay later." Shoppers can complete the order but can pay for it over the course of weeks or months. Stores are betting on buy now, pay later as a way to reach younger consumers and keep up with the rapid shift to online shopping in the pandemic. This week, Macy's said it would invest in Klarna, one of the companies behind the concept, and begin offering four equal, interest-free installments at online checkout.

Forbes - 2020/12/16 - More details

Latest global announcements

Amazon  is rolling out the "Made for You" offer in the United States, which for $25, or 20 euros, offers a t-shirt with a personalized cut based on data and photos sent by the buyer. A field of half-measure where other players have previously failed. The American group has indicated that the tool will be progressively enriched with new customization possibilities, depending on the feedback it receives from users of the offer. This association of technology with the fashion offer could establish a little more Amazon's place in clothing.

Fashion United - 2020/12/15 - More details

After a year of testing, Walmart and the start-up Gatik announce the launch of the first autonomous truck delivery service without an operator in Arkansas, as well as a new project in Louisiana. The U.S. retail giant is focusing on delivery within its supply chain, i.e. between a warehouse and the supermarkets surrounding it. Gatik AI's technology is dedicated to the middle-mile, i.e. the journey between a warehouse and the surrounding stores. Walmart and Gatik estimate that automating deliveries can cut logistics costs in half.

Business Insider - 2020/12/15 - More details

When, in France..

The decision to postpone the winter sales to January 20 was taken after discussions with the various trade federations and consumer associations, whose opinions were divided. Many retailers applauded the initiative in view of the disruption imposed on them by the health crisis. The arguments are: overflowing stocks, an impossible return to the sender because suppliers have already been paid, the need to sell at the right price to replenish sufficient cash flow ...
Actu Retail - 2020/12/07 - More details
Veepee and Aigle announced their collaboration for the first "Re-cycle" event, last Wednesday, December 16th. The objective is to give a second life to Aigle brand products. This first "Re-cycle" event offers members the opportunity to send Veepee their unused Eagle clothing and boots. To send a T-shirt, accessory or a pair of Aigle children's boots, members will be offered a voucher worth €10 to be used at Aigle. This voucher will be worth €20 for sending a sweater, fleece or a pair of adult boots and €30 in exchange for an old parka. 
E-commerce Mag - 2020/12/16 - More details


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