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Packaging has a vital role in preserving resources, limiting waste, and securing a green future.

In its quest for becoming the world’s most sustainable packaging company, Wipak started engaging in various innovative actions adhering to circular economy concepts. The company’s main goal is to reduce its carbon footprint to zero within only five years.

Consumers’ perception and corporate customer demands regarding sustainable packaging were also pressuring Wipak to continuously seek flexible and resource-efficient solutions. At the same time, Wipak needed to ensure accurate carbon footprint calculations to comply with future sustainability regulations and laws.

Contribution de BearingPoint

BearingPoint leveraged its Emissions Calculator solution to help Wipak in its journey to eliminate carbon emissions. Using a cradle-to-gate approach, BearingPoint organized a series of workshops to identify the client’s key impacted areas and align on data requirements. The team then analyzed the processes and data availability for material acquisition, freight transportation, manufacturing sites, warehouses, and support processes related to sales offices and business travel. The information was centralized in a data collection plan to feed BearingPoint’s standard data templates, followed by integrating the data into the software solution.

This resulted in a corporate carbon footprint (CCF) including scopes 1, 2, and 3 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Wipak added the product carbon footprint (PCF) module also to support sharing of carbon data with clients down to the product level. BearingPoint supported the client to select the allocation methods and applicable secondary data sources, determining the climate impact of every single product, from raw material sourcing to their recycling or disposal.

Résultats du client

Wipak is now able to accurately calculate its carbon emissions, gaining transparency across the entire product life-cycle process as a continuous carbon accounting approach that allows the client to track its achievements towards decarbonization on a daily level. Already from the validation phase, the application assesses and summarizes more than 1400 purchased goods, 3500 semi-finished products, and 4700 finished products daily, based on a big data approach.

BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator also enables the company to make data-driven business decisions, based on all information centralized in one place and analytic tool-derived insights. Having a comprehensive picture of which region, business line, or product is causing the highest emissions allows Wipak to take informed actions towards meeting its goal of reducing carbon footprint to zero by 2025.

Additionally, Wipak benefits from continuous updates coming from leading standards such as GHG protocol, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, or GLEC. This ensures that the company is better prepared to meet internal audit requirements, as well as to comply with future sustainability regulations and laws.


The Wipak Group develops and manufactures sophisticated packaging solutions for food products, as well as for medical instruments and devices. As part of the family-owned Wihuri Group, a Finnish conglomerate that can trace its origin back over 100 years, Wipak is a leading European supplier of multilayer films – especially high-barrier films. Wipak runs 11 production plants in Europe and Asia with almost 2000 employees.

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