Today, the public sector is facing a twofold evolution. One, citizens are increasingly demanding more varied and technical services from governments in general and, simultaneously, these administrations face both strong budgetary constraints and difficulty attracting talent.

The question for the public sector is then to have sufficient workforce and with adequate skills to match these expectations. The workforce can be internal or external. The blend of workforce types has implications in terms of cost, the skills levels, the ability to deliver public services and the impact of these services. As undertaking core state activities (e.g., justice, army, policy, tax) and defining and controlling core administrative strategy cannot easily be entrusted to external parties, the administration must define the right mix of internal and external resources on which to call.

This mix must consider the following principles:

  1. Plan the public services you will be delivering before asking who will perform them
  2. Improve your knowledge of your internal workforce’s skills and use external resources for skills you won’t need in the long run
  3. Make sure the external resources you bring in share their knowledge and that you capitalise on this, while controlling what they deliver

We invite you to explore the third publication in our series. This series focuses on new opportunities for public services organisations to redefine and evolve the relationships and engagement mechanisms with its workforce.

This series of publications provides senior leaders with practical recommendations for making the transition towards new sustainable work organisation models, optimising both overall organisational performance and the productivity, well-being and overall experience for its workforce.

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