From a global standpoint, transitioning from a linear to a circular economy is profoundly important. But while it’s a key environmental goal, this same switch to circularity, made at the business level, can also bring huge commercial benefits.

Secure access to raw materials is a prevalent risk factor for manufacturers. A circular economy strategy, beginning with reducing, reusing and recycling, can help you limit your external dependencies and improve your business resilience. Part or full reclamation of end-of-life products in particular can be pivotal in escaping resource uncertainty.

BearingPoint helps you redefine your business model and ecodesign in a circular way. We bring a strong focus and proven expertise in commercial risk analysis. Wherever you are on the path to a circular economy, we can support you to minimize exposure, reduce costs, optimize flow and stay ahead of your regulatory obligations.

How BearingPoint helps you embed a circular economy approach   

Our assets

  • Methods and tools for measuring circularity at product/organization level e.g. Global Score® (licensed service provider)
  • 360° understanding of physical flows (energy, materials, etc.) and economic flows
  • Innovative methodology for analyzing resource dependency

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