Participation is possible for all student teams:

  • consisting of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members
  • with at least one leading team member enrolled and studying at a German, Austrian, Swiss or Romanian University up to and including the contest finale

Please register your team until March 25th, 2019 by sending us an email with your written project dossier to:

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  • Detailed conditions and rules

    §1 General

    BearingPoint (here after called “the Organizer”) hosts Be an Innovator Student in context with the cooperation with leading universities and business schools in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Romania.

    The contest is held annually and is independent from the university curriculum.

    Participation in Be an Innovator Student is only possible under the consideration and regard of the laid-out conditions and rules.

    Participation in Be an Innovator Student is only possible under inclusion of the participation requirements mentioned in §2.

    §2 Participation and Requirements

    1. Participation is possible for students in teams of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 team members.
    2. At least one leading team member must be enrolled at a university or university of applied sciences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Romania up to and including the final round.
    3. Participating teams comply with the usage of their team name as well as the first and surname of the team members for advertising (no restriction regarding space and time) in context with their project and Be an Innovator Student in case of winning the contest. Here for no further compensation can be claimed or requested.
    4. In case of a win, the team that wins the 1st prize is obliged to continue the project for at least one year after the award ceremony. If this is not the case, the team is obliged to pay the prize back to the Organizer on a pro rata basis.
    5. The participation takes place in two steps: the pre-selection and the final presentation in front of the jury.
    6. Participation is only possible within the time frame specified in no. 7 in §2 and no. 3 in §3. The judges’ decision is final.
    7. For the pre-selection it is required to submit a written dossier until 25th of March 2019. It must be sent via email as an attachment to
    8. The dossier must meet the following requirements:
    • PowerPoint Presentation (PDF-Version)
    • Prepared in English
    • with illustrating elements (graphs, sketches etc.)
    • supporting documentation or research can be attached separately or added to the appendix
    • The main part of the document should have a maximum scope of 10 PowerPoint slides. 5-8 slides are ideal.
    • The dossier should contain precise information about the following points:
    • Introduction of the team: Name, age, education (University, Business School) and background, motivation for the project
    • Project name and short description of the project:
    • Goal and added value
    • Target group/market
    • Target group relationship
    • Organization
    • The role of BearingPoint

    9. The matriculation certificates of the team members who will pitch on the final day must be submitted with the dossier.

    10. The final presentation in front of the jury is a 30-minute oral presentation, which contains 20 minutes of project presentation and 10 minutes of questions from the jury. The presentation illustrates the information given in the dossier. The jury presentation will take place on 10th of May 2019 in Munich.

    11. Be an Innovator Student is an English contest. Therefore, the registration and the written dossier as well as the final jury presentation must be prepared and presented in English.

    12. No rights of third parties may be infringed in conjunction with the dossier and its contents.

    §3 Award

    1. On grounds of the written dossier a pre-selection will be made.
    2. All pre-selected teams (here after called “final teams”) will be coached by a BearingPoint consultant and prepared for the final jury presentation.
    3. The final teams will be announced by 12th of April 2019 as well as their appointed BearingPoint coach.
    4. The finalist teams can revise the submitted dossier with the support of the BearingPoint coach. The final presentation must be submitted by 02nd of May 2019.
    5. A maximum of two team members of the finalist teams will present their project to the jury.
    6. Following prizes can be won after the final jury presentation:

    1st Prize: 10,000 Euro and one year of coaching by a BearingPoint consultant in cooperation with Wayra as well as access to the Wayra start-up community

    2nd Prize: 3,000 Euro

    3rd Prize: 1,000 Euro

    7. The 1st place prize will be paid out in four batches of €2,500 by BearingPoint over one year.

    8. The jury is made up of partners of the BearingPoint practices throughout central continental Europe and, if applicable, a representative of Wayra.

    §4 Travel expenses

    1. The Organizer will pay travel expenses of 150€ per presenting team member (maximum two), which will be reimbursed by submitting receipts afterwards. Any further costs incurred by the team must be borne by the team itself.
    2. Pre-Event with speed pitch coaching:
    In 2019 for the first time in the context of the Be an Innovator Student competition a Pre-Event will take place on 09 May 2019 in Munich. The evening event includes a Speed Pitch - Coaching followed by a Get Together with other start-ups, the jury and potential investors. This is the perfect opportunity for the finalists to practice again for the pitch on the final day and to make important contacts or simply get to know each other.

    The Organizer has centrally organized hotel rooms for all finalist teams (max. two team members per team) for the overnight stay from May 9 to May 10. The costs of the hotel rooms excl. breakfast are paid directly by the Organizer and do not impact the travel budget mentioned under §4.1 for each presenting team member. To take advantage of this offer, the finalist teams must confirm their participation immediately (by 12.04.2019 at the latest) after receiving information about their selection for the final. If participation is confirmed, cancelation is only possible by paying the hotel costs to the Organizer.

    §5 Audience

    In addition to the finalist teams (max. two team members per team) and the jury, the final can be attended by an audience consisting of BearingPoint employees, Wayra employees and start-ups as well as additional max. two other team members of the finalist teams.

    §6 Liability

    1. Claims for damages against the Organizer, that occur in context with Be an Innovator Student, are excluded from the legal grounds, unless the Organizer had intentionally or grossly negligently violated legal obligations.
    2. Furthermore, the Organizer is not liable for damages resulting from the impairment of the availability of the Be an Innovator Student website, the Facebook, Instagram and the LinkedIn site or the Twitter account in case of technical disturbances that can’t be influenced and events of force majeure as well as attacks by third parties against the Be an Innovator Student website. The Organizer doesn’t guarantee that the Be an Innovator Student website is fully functional on every participants computer.

    §7 Data Protection

    1. By registration, the participant expressly declares his/her consent with the data protection policy of the Organizer. The data protection policy can be found on the following website:
      The Organizer grants the data protection standard within the Be an Innovator Student competition and takes all relevant legal provisions into consideration.
    2. The Organizer will not forward any personal data to third parties or sell address related data.
    3. The Organizer will save the personal data of the participants exclusively for Be an Innovator Student. The participant hereby expressly agrees with and gives his/her consent to the storage and usage of the communicated personal data for the purpose stated above.

    §8 Severability Clause

    If certain regulations of these participants’ conditions and rules are invalid or if there is a regulation gap, it doesn’t affect the validity of the remaining regulations. The invalid or missing regulations will be replaced with a regulation, that fulfils the contract purpose and the legal regulation the most.

    §9 Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

    1. In case of litigations, German law is applicable exclusively. Jurisdiction is appointed to the residence of the Organizer, as long as it’s legally permissible.
    2. If the participant doesn’t have a general jurisdiction in Germany, or if he/she changes his/her residence to outside of Germany, the jurisdiction will also remain in the residence of the Organizer.

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