Carbon Accounting at scale

On 9 June 2022, BearingPoint will be present as a partner at SAP Sapphire in Zurich to showcase the co-developed all-in-one solution for carbon footprint management. SAP Product Footprint Management (PFM) enables data-driven business decisions based on centralized information and analytic tool-derived insights. For example, having a comprehensive picture of which region, business line, process or product is causing the highest emissions allows taking informed actions towards reducing the carbon footprint.

The capabilities of BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator will continuously be integrated into SAP PFM throughout 2022 and SAP PFM will benefit from BEC’s 12 years market presence.

The BearingPoint team is looking forward to your visit at our booth!

See the existing capabilties of the BearingPoint Emission Calculator that will be included into SAP Product Footprint Management


Zurich Convention Center (Kongresshaus Zürich)
Gotthardstrasse 5
8002 Zurich, Suisse
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