Worldwide it is estimated that there are over 6.6 billion smartphone users, and the mobile app industry is thriving – around 90% of mobile device usage is devoted to apps. This insight focuses on the quality assurance of mobile applications and outlines why automated mobile testing-as-a-service (AMTaaS) is considered a game changer for mobile app quality assurance. 

More utilization, more quality assurance 

Not only have the number of mobile phone users increased, but even tablet users continuously evolved over the past years e.g., reaching 1.14 billion users globally in 2017. The leading app providers are Google Play Store for Android, Apple App Store for iOS, and Amazon App Store. In total, an estimated 142.6 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2022. The entire mobile app ecosystem requires more and more quality assurance to fulfill the demands of updating and releasing apps in a shorter time. 

Key QA challenges for mobile app testing 

At BearingPoint, we test mobile apps effectively and efficiently. Six key challenges in our mobile testing framework should be a part of every comprehensive app test for the best functionality, performance, and usability. 

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