The future supply chain will move from the current inflexible global model to multiple local Centers of Gravity. 

Today’s supply chains are on the brink of a fundamental transformation due to the challenges of geopolitical conditions, customer demand and regulation. The pressure is on supply chains to deliver value in a complex, fast-moving, fragmented, sustainable, consumer-centric environment.  

A new model is emerging: The Centers of Gravity. These consists of multiple micro-chains that integrate production, processing, and distribution of products. 

Each Center of Gravity will be:

  • Located close to market demand and will focus on energy and materials efficiency.  
  • Collaborative, leveraging local and regional partnerships, and co-manufacturing models. 
  • Sustainable, driving increase reuse and re-purposing of materials, via shorter transportation distances and increased automation. 
  • Resilient, transparent and drive traceability. 

To future-proof your supply chain you need to act now! You will need to start to invest, implement and activate processes to enable the Centers of Gravity model.  

Only a radical change in operating models will allow companies to be resilient, remain profitable and avoid disruption. Those companies that craft a clear vision of this new model and make the right investments now will be those that lead in the future. 

  • Whitepaper: Centers of Gravity - the new supply chain model
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