Customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming increasingly important, especially as third-party cookies are being removed from the internet. CDPs enable the collection and processing of customer data so that AI-based or contextual, individualized customer profiles can be created and meaningful insights can be gained.

This whitepaper highlights a customer data platform’s functionalities, how it can be designed, introduced, and used efficiently, and how BearingPoint supports its clients in this process. Additionally, use cases for AI-based and context-based CDP usage are presented.

Highly data-driven firms with an extensive need for big data and data analytics can significantly benefit from a customer data platform. Nowadays, almost every company has recognized the need and benefit of data analytics. CDPs help companies better understand their customers and simplify the interaction between company and customer on different channels.

For a suitable implementation and application, different areas need to be considered. BearingPoint’s standardized approach ensures a well-funded creation of use cases inside the customer journey by defining customer profile core attributes and specifying segments, communication channels, campaign types, and a derivation of customer processes to enable an automated CDP campaign creation.

To adequately prepare data sources and the related requirements, customer metadata, transactional, descriptive, and qualitative data are taken from first, second, and third-party data sources. Four steps are necessary for the implementation of this aspired process, which are outlined in the whitepaper.

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