What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

Digital transformation in healthcare is about moving towards a modern technology stack and processes which enable the organisation to deliver better services to the patients at their convenience.

In Healthcare, great progress has been made in the last 10 years towards digital and yet there are countless snags that become stumbling blocks for streamlining digital service delivery for patients, providers and insurers. To deal with increased demand for their services, healthcare organisations must start investing in digital technologies to support the delivery of their healthcare services.

4 key trends continuing in 2022

  1. Real-time and big data, big data allows healthcare providers and health administrators to drill down and learn more about their patients and the care they provide.
  2. Implementation of digital channels, with the advent of mobile and web apps, patients have the flexibility to connect and interact with providers how and when they want.
  3. Effective communication with the patient, the addition of chatbots and symptom checkers, can help guide the patient to the right information, service, or consultant.
  4. Electronic Health Record, the paper record format is replaced with a digital one.

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