How LogEC supports emissions controls for smart cities

A smart city has:

  • Selective driving bans instead of general driving bans
  • Pollution-driven traffic controls

For example, in a simulation, an increased risk for smog is expected tomorrow in Berlin. Driving ban for all diesels lower than EURO 5 in Wedding and Tegel, and the maximum speed on the Tegel/Wedding motorway will be reduced to 80 km/h. The left lane should only be activated for carpools (carpool lanes). E-buses will run in both areas.

  • Special limits for hotspots (kindergarten, schools, hospitals) through geofencing
  • Precise calculations based on HBEFA data (CO, HC, NOx, PM, CH4, NMHC, CO2, NH3, N2O, NO2, PN and PMS) that perform a robust network analysis better than a sensitive and cost-intensive network of measuring instruments.Pollutant radar for based on real-time simulations (information)
  • Emissions forecasts
  • Simulation of alternative power trains with real data – how much can pollution be decreased when e-taxis and e-buses are used?
  • Pollutant control tower  
  • Calibrated values so that even other more static emitters (e.g., factories) can be extrapolated for an overall picture
  • Other modes of transport such as ships, planes, barges is possible
  • Uses movement data (e.g., sim cards, navigation systems, counting stations, toll stations)
  • Mobile app as mobility advisor for CO2; automatic CO2 logbook -> incentives through tax advantages or public transport cards
  • Noise footprint and health footprint

Smart cities emissions controls

About LogEC

  • Certified to EN16258 by Bureau Veritas
  • SAP Hana - real time and Big Data
  • Embedded conversion factors: handbook of emissions factors (HBEFA), EN16258, CCWG 
  • SAP Cloud platform with different servers in western Europe
  • 2-Level concept: accounting level for emissions radar plus simulation level for what-if-analysis such as, What is the impact if we replace 30% of our conventional by hydrogen busses in our town?
  • Pilot up and running in 3-9 months

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