Following the latest meeting of its IoT think tank, held in France and bringing together over 850 IoT professionals from more than 15 industries, BearingPoint is proud to publish its 4th annual IoT white paper.

There are now more than 400 private and public organizations, start-ups and large corporations that are actively sharing knowledge and experience around the IoT transformation. This year's theme, "IoT for Green", is fully in line with BearingPoint's 2025 strategy.

At BearingPoint, we believe that sustainable development and the environment are important growth areas. Thanks to our recent merger with I Care, with its 200+ specialist consultants, BearingPoint already offers expertise in sustainability and transformation of impacts under the I Care by BearingPoint banner. This is a complementary set of skills that we are proud to make available for our clients, just as it is available all year long to the members of the IoT Business Hub.

IoT for Green

For this year's white paper, we focused on the quantitative analysis of the environmental impact of IoT solutions: not just Green IoT (minimizing the carbon footprint of an IoT solution itself) but also IoT for Green (using IoT to create green impacts).

We believe IoT is a key technological lever in the ecological transition, which can be leveraged to save energy, reduce water consumption, cut pollutants and help protect biodiversity. By analyzing more than 100 “IoT for Green” projects and modeling the environmental benefits of IoT uses, we provide quantitative proof to back our conviction. IoT’s positive environmental performance should improve with the increased application of eco-design approaches and development of energy harvesting technologies.

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