In the ever-changing domain of wealth management, investors look for new ways to improve their investments in financial instruments to realize their financial objectives. Lombard loans, a type of secured borrowing, are a potent tool for boosting wealth accumulation with opportunity capture, tax efficiency, and flexibility.

This whitepaper explores the differences between traditional, siloed methods and modern, integrated front-to-back solutions supported by artificial intelligence. The analysis is especially relevant considering the growing interest in securities-backed financing, such as margin lending and classic Lombard loans, and the trend in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Asia-Pacific region toward more structured and bespoke solutions. Though Germany is seeing an inflow of financial institutions competing for a sizable market share, the markets in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore are more developed when it comes to Lombard lending.

Additionally, we address how digitalization, particularly within the context of the Lombard loan structure, alters risk intelligence and will make digital risk management possible. We also summarize the key elements, difficulties, and technological factors changing the risk management environment in wealth management.

BearingPoint digital risk capabilities

BearingPoint’s digital risk transformation practice is designed to modernize financial institutions by overhauling their technology landscapes, innovating risk management methodologies, and improving people strategies. This
holistic front-to-back approach not only dismantles siloed organizational structures but also fosters a collaborative environment, giving banks the flexibility they need to remain competitive in a highly competitive market. BearingPoint’s comprehensive strategy ensures that financial institutions are not just responding to the evolving digital landscape but are actively shaping it, positioning themselves at the vanguard of industry innovation.

  • From tradition to innovation: leveraging Lombard lending to accelerate your wealth management growth
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