Transport cost planning remains a major challenge for shippers and 3PLs.

To plan future transport costs accurately, you need to take many parameters into account, such as:

  • Real transport flows
  • Available capacities
  • Production plants
  • Transport tariffs

Transport Costs with LogCOST

At the beginning of a forecast, many aspects are unknown and can only be estimated. Over time the data quality increases and the plan can be adapted accordingly. To plan accurately, you need to be able to store and process both plan and actual data in one tool. This Big Data challenge pushes traditional calculation tools to their limits, with long calculation and response times. With LogCOST it is easy.

Transport cost planning with LogCOST

LogCOST fulfills the increasing requirements of transportation cost planning and overcomes the complexity with its unique core functionalities:

  • A comparable complex calculation used to take several days, but due to the in-memory technology of SAP HANA, it is now done in real time
  • System architecture allows simulation of transportation costs down to the SKU-level
  • Realistic and complex tariff tables can be processed
  • Integrated predictive analytics
  • Integrated engine for creating transport legs and transport chains
  • Integrated distance tables and algorithm
  • Different levels of data quality can be represented and merged
  • Plan and actual data are stored in one application without being mixed, enabling companies to plan more accurately and compare planned and actual values at any time
  • Powerful reporting module and state-of-the art client application for modern HTML 5-browsers based on SAPUI5
  • BearingPoint LogEC (Logistics Emissions Calculator) is based on the same platform and can be activated to calculate your carbon footprint, helping you to find the optimum tradeoff between costs and emissions of your logistics activities 

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