Amsterdam, March 31, 2022 –  Children and young people oftentimes face challenging situations that may cause them distress. In order to help them manage overwhelming emotions better, Save the Children Finland created in 2004 Netari, the only national online youth club welcoming 13 to 20-year-old people to hang out, meet friends and chat with youth workers and reliable, trained volunteers.

Supporting young people – a priority for a healthy society

In a recent client story, BearingPoint shows how it supported Save the Children Finland to adapt its volunteer capacity to the demands for chat-counseling via its dedicated Netari platform. Save the Children Finland is a politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization aiming to improve children’s lives.

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint worked with Save the Children Finland to add business intelligence software to its existing chat tool, enabling decision-makers to use data-driven insights in their chat volunteer capacity planning.

Customizing a business intelligence dashboard to benefit young people and volunteers

Tomi Hietanen, Partner at BearingPoint

At BearingPoint, we are constantly striving to do more than business and to have a positive impact on society. We were happy for the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile project. The new business intelligence dashboard enables Save the Children Finland to leverage consistent data for more efficiency and faster service response.

Tomi Hietanen, Partner at BearingPoint

The initial statistical demand analysis in Python and Jupyter Notebook revealed that NetariChat service requests fluctuated heavily across the year, though the average chat was 40 minutes. Drop rates were identified as a suitable indicator for balancing demand need and supply capacity. KPIs, such as queue-time tolerance, user and chat volunteer feedback, and goal-seeking, were integrated into Microsoft PowerBI, resulting in a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard.

Additionally, BearingPoint created an online form to reflect the well-being of volunteers based on the emotional intensity recorded in their daily activity, allowing the NGO to understand trends in the topic requests while also considering the impact on the volunteers’ welfare.

Lauri Sundberg, Project Planner at Save the Children Finland

The collaboration with BearingPoint has opened new ways for us to consider developing our work from an analytical perspective in the future, allowing us to handle the data collected from the chat in a more systematic and versatile way. This is especially important because children and young people have a growing need to connect with a trusted adult. Based on data analysis, we can streamline our services to best meet the number of on-call volunteer staff and the needs of young people.

Lauri Sundberg, Project Planner at Save the Children Finland

Leveraging data-driven processes to achieve timely online emotional support

Save the Children Finland can now streamline its services to meet young people’s needs with the existing on-call volunteer staff capacity by using extensive data insights. The organization benefits from consistent and detailed information regarding all interactions between young people and chat volunteers, such as chat length, number of contacts in a certain period, and user volumes, enabling a more data-driven process for more efficiency and faster service response.

By enabling more transparency across the entire counseling activity and providing easy access to all requested information at any given time, the new tool also opens the door to further support-service improvements by allowing for the development and integration of other data analysis features.

About Save the Children Finland

Save the Children Finland is an independent, impartial and politically neutral non-governmental organization founded in 1922. The organization works to secure children's rights and support vulnerable children. For already one hundred years, Save the Children Finland has inspired breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and achieved immediate and lasting change in their lives. Save the Children Finland is part of the global Save the Children movement, which operates in over 120 countries to improve children’s lives. Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the organization pledges to continue its work until it is no longer needed – and invites everybody to join in and become a hero for children:

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