FOSSID powers BearingPoint’s FOSS compliance services, providing customers with in-depth analyses for their business decisions.

Amsterdam / Stockholm, April 6, 2020 – FOSSID, a leader in open source software compliance and security, and BearingPoint, a leader in open source management services, today announced their strategic partnership around free and open source software governance. After successfully cooperating in selected projects for more than two years, BearingPoint decided to choose FOSSID as its strategic provider of open source analysis tools. FOSSID’s technology provides high performance and accuracy in the code analysis services performed by BearingPoint.

Whenever companies need to embrace free and open source software for speed of innovation, standardization, or quality, BearingPoint Business Services is there to efficiently help reduce risk and improve productivity.

Donald Wachs BearingPoint

Partnering with FOSSID helps us provide more value to our customers with higher speed and better accuracy. Using FOSSID technology, we typically see more precise results with less redundancy, and we can speed up the timeline, which is a big advantage for our customers. We have already successfully replaced legacy scanning tools with FOSSID in large managed services projects for customers like Swisscom.

Donald Wachs, Head of BearingPoint Business Services

BearingPoint’s modular FOSS services provide companies with streamlined processes and infrastructure to deploy, manage, and govern their software throughout the product lifecycle, helping them to manage open source compliance and security. BearingPoint’s FOSS analysis services provide a timely and confidential analysis of the customers’ code base, including comprehensive compliance and security reports for their business decisions.

FOSSID helps companies achieve maximum FOSS adoption efficiency by introducing tools that provide high levels of accuracy, performance, privacy, and automation. FOSSID’s code scanner incorporates one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases on the market, currently referencing some 78 million open source projects, 600 billion snippets, and 120 thousand vulnerable projects – machine harvested to continuously be up to date with the fast-paced open source software evolution. The AI-enabled scan engine provides fast, accurate scan results, finding occurrences of open source software down to the snippet level and identifies their corresponding licenses and license obligations, including security vulnerabilities and their remediation.

Oskar Swirtun FOSSID

We are proud to enter this strategic partnership with BearingPoint, and to be an integral part of their FOSS compliance and security successes. BearingPoint has once again proven that their management services are a great alternative to adding specialists to your head-count in multiple verticals.

Oskar Swirtun, CEO of FOSSID


FOSSID is a leading provider of open source software compliance and security tools and services. FOSSID’s open source scanner detects and identifies pieces of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in your code base, from entire components to code snippets. It uncovers license obligations and finds the lines of code that introduce security vulnerabilities and identifies their remediation. FOSSID’s open source software audits are performed without the need to expose the source code, providing unparalleled levels of confidentiality and accuracy so that you can focus on creating great products. Welcome to to learn more!

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