Amsterdam, May 20, 2021 – Prisons often deal with a high recidivism rate primarily due to inadequate rehabilitation paths. Although there is interest from companies in several sectors, bureaucratic and logistical aspects and corporate image concerns often limit employment potential for those in detention.

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint shows in its recent client story how it supported the M6 Foundation and the French Directorate of Penitentiary Administration (DPA) in framing a project for experimental penitentiaries that focus on reintegrating inmates through professional development and high-value job opportunities.

BearingPoint assessed the existing challenges penitentiaries face when offering employment to inmates during and after detention. Following several workshops involving the DPA and companies interested in hiring, a target operating model was created for labor and training development. The recommendations covered what jobs can be performed inside prisons, the recruitment process, and the qualification criteria. An evaluation method was also defined for inmates at the beginning, during, and after completing their development program.

Clarisse Lemouton, Partner at BearingPoint

The InSERRE project embodies a double tipping point for the French Ministry of Justice in the design of prisons: building around the rehabilitation objective before the security one, and including external partners (civil society, companies, etc.) all along the process.

Clarisse Lemouton, Partner at BearingPoint

Based on BearingPoint’s designed project frame, the French DPA is currently engaged in constructing three experimental prisons that will focus on inmate reintegration through professional development.

In addition to the Ministry of Justice funds, the project was awarded €35 million from a major public fund dedicated to public modernization. The funds will fully support a multi-year commitment and radically change the detainees’ rehabilitation. These experimental jails enable a new rehabilitation approach that aims to make detention useful.

BearingPoint’s contribution was decisive in the definition of the project and in the decision of the Keeper of the Seals to validate it. The BearingPoint teams, extremely involved and capable of integrating the issues and the operational reality of a department as particular as the prison administration, have, in fact, within an extremely tight deadline, provided a methodology and a broader vision contributing to consolidate the political project. In close collaboration with the M6 Foundation, this contribution from BearingPoint has undoubtedly saved time in the development of the InSERRE model.

Albin Heuman, Director, agency for community service and professional integration of people in conflict with the law

About the M6 Foundation

The M6 Foundation, part of the French media holding company M6 Group, is dedicated to rehabilitating detainees and preventing recidivism. The foundation supports inmates returning to employment, fights against illiteracy, helps with more access to education, and leverages culture as a vehicle for social integration.

About the agency for community service and professional integration

The agency for community service and professional integration is part of the French Ministry of Justice. It develops community service as an alternative to incarceration and professional activities for inmates through employment and vocational training. In close collaboration with its partners, it contributes to rehabilitating convicted people and the security of all.

About BearingPoint

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