Amsterdam, January, 2024Arcwide, the joint venture of BearingPoint and IFS dedicated to the deployment of IFS Cloud services, announces its official acquisition of Cedar Bay’s IFS business. 

As the first IFS Platinum Channel Partner in the U.K. and with almost two decades of experience implementing large-scale ERP solutions, Cedar Bay provides IFS services and solutions to clients through the reselling of IFS Cloud, IFS professional services, managed infrastructure, premium support, and CB Digital Factory - data collection solution for IFS, which enables clients to elevate traceability and access real-time data cost-effectively.

With this acquisition Arcwide is strategically expanding its capabilities to offer clients holistic end-to-end services, catering to the rising demand for IFS software and solutions, notably in the United Kingdom and the United States, with additional operations in Europe.

Established in 2008, Cedar Bay has two main headquarters, one in the U.K. and one in the U.S., operates in several countries, with a highly esteemed team that has earned numerous awards for their substantial contributions to the IFS ecosystem. 

As the demand for IFS Cloud consulting grows worldwide, Arcwide is strategically positioning itself as the leading partner for IFS clients by combining BearingPoint's world-class business technology consultancy with IFS's advanced ERP innovation. Arcwide aims to be the IFS delivery partner of choice, consequently, this strategic move not only solidifies Arcwide's position as a leader in IFS consulting in the U.K. but also sets the stage for the company to enhance its presence in America and bolsters its already significant position in the European market. 

Philippe Chaniot, Arcwide CEO

Uniting our forces through this strategic move, we are moving forward to provide our clients with enhanced capacity, a wider set of services, and faster and better project execution.

Philippe Chaniot, Arcwide CEO

We are thrilled to welcome a team of experts who align seamlessly with our company’s values, marking a pivotal move in establishing the key foundations for our future expansion in Europe and America.

Andy Green, Arcwide COO