May 5, 2023

BearingPoint and NHD are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will help companies maximize the impact and return on their contractor workforce management.

Ralf Dillmann, Partner with BearingPoint, and Dietrich Pankratz, Managing Director with NHD, participated in a Q&A to provide more details about this new partnership.

What do your companies do?


NHD is a software company which offers an intelligent platform (AES/32), for contractor workforce management, enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive companies in the oil & gas, chemical, utilities, mining, industrial construction, and energy industries.

Our solution digitalizes service procurement processes; providing companies with workforce visibility, process digitalization/ automation, cost control, and ultimately, contract compliance from their external workforce.


BearingPoint is a Europe-based consulting company with more than 4500 consultants worldwide. We have conducted projects successfully in the service procurement and contractor management area, supported by a strong industry experience and deep sourcing & procurement process understanding.

What does this partnership bring to the market?


Comengy is the BearingPoint’s branded service that utilizes NHD’s contractor management system to offer our clients both comprehensive implementation and aftercare services. Comengy offers project implementation of the AES/32 SaaS solution, out of the box SAP integrations, as well as a global support service for the users from our multilingual BearingPoint team.


The Comengy team at BearingPoint has extensive experience in providing companies with external workforce strategies. NHD brings a best-in-class solution for asset-intensive industries focusing on contractor management. By partnering with BearingPoint, a leading technology, management, and consulting company, we can deliver a new level of expertise in digital transformation and support our clients in all relevant aspects of this transformational journey including organizational change, process harmonization, governance restructuring, and analytics expertise.

How does this partnership differentiate you from other solutions in the market?


One of the key areas of focus in our partnership with BearingPoint is the continuous improvement of our AES/32 platform. Working closely with our clients, combined with the expertise that BearingPoint brings surrounding topics such as: process management, external workforce strategy, and deep industry knowledge with benchmarks and best practices; we are delivering a solution that has in-depth functionality to truly meet the unique and often complex demands of the digital transformation goals of our clients.

We understand the success of our solution is highly dependent on the capability to understand and execute best practices, and to enable those best practices within our AES/32 platform. With BearingPoint as a partner, we will be better equipped to ensure AES/32 continues to revolutionize the digitalization of contractor management for our clients.


BearingPoint’s global team stays engaged with the client even post project implementation. Hence, our support team knows how our clients run their business and understands their day-to-day user activities within the system. BearingPoint’s service goes beyond a traditional helpdesk, our service team is intermate with the way our clients work, therefore, able to assist and coach users on how to maximize their process benefits from the AES/32 platform.

What’s on the horizon for NHD and BearingPoint?


Through our Comengy service team, we regularly collect user feedback for continuous improvement on the user experience. As we all know that one size does not fit all, so there will be module developments specifically for certain industries, and enhancements tailored towards meeting any new legislations and regulations.


We believe organizations in asset intensive markets have unrealized potential that can be realized through the digitalization of contractor management and service procurement.

Historically there has been limited focus on digitalizing and standardizing external workforce management processes within the asset-intensive industry.
Today, there is a growing need to utilize new technologies in the operational management of the blue collar workforce, which makes up the majority of the workforce that has been neglected in this industry.

Our clients' success heavily relies on effective contractor management. Our vision for the future is to help our clients who rely on an external workforce to run smooth operations, execute maintenance activities, deliver efficient and cost-effective plant turnarounds, and support capital projects with a solution that streamlines and manages end-to-end contractor management processes; from recruit-to-hire, down to daily management and evaluation of external workforce, including the plan-to-pay cycle. Coupled with in-depth analytics allowing our clients to make the right decisions at the right time, we ultimately aspire to make the world of contractor management as easy as possible for our clients.




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