What challenge the non-profit is facing

Previously, the website collected some specific data; end-users, however, used a separate mobile application. A platform linking all data was missing, so processing data and manually creating user accounts and extracting reports took hours. The non-profit reached out to us, asking for support with their stakeholder-related data processes.  

What was missing, exactly? There was no link between the data that visitors (partners and beneficiaries) left voluntarily of the non-profit’s webpage to use a mobile app, and the accordant mobile app, which serves as the non-profit’s user interface. For the non-profit that meant: Non-profit staff was required to create user accounts for the non-profit mobile app manually. This took a lot of time, sometimes up to four hours. Looking at this process, it became clear: There is room for automation. In parallel, we identified that there is also limited data reporting for the website and the app – a monthly status report is also done manually and took about eight hours to be set up. A third aspect, we were asked to help with: The non-profit was not able to send mass messages to registered users.