I support our clients in the digital transformation of becoming more compliant and operationally efficient in financial services and cross-industry. My focus areas are anti-financial crime, risk management, core banking processes and products, and sourcing and procurement. I help assess current maturity and plan needed actions to reach compliance or the desired operational efficiency level and execute implementation projects regarding processes, tools, or operating model changes.

Prior to joining BearingPoint, I led different centralized units such as anti-financial crime, operational risk management, finance shared services, and IT in the banking and telecom sectors. I have focused on establishing and leading process management functions targeted to increase process maturity, efficiency, and compliance. I am passionate about developing organizations and people. Part of my previous roles has also been managing complex development portfolios and large implementation projects.


  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2023 – Actuellement
  • Director, BearingPoint

    2019 – 2023
    Head of Operational Excellence team with five focus areas: financial crime Prevention (KYC, transaction monitoring, sanctions, and fraud), non-financial risk management (risk frameworks, risk management processes, IRM solutions, and risk reporting), cards and payment advisory (technology advisory, transformation programs, and compliance), operations process optimization, digitalization and automation and sourcing and procurement advisory (strategy, tool and process development).
  • Nordea Head of Risk Operations, Global Business Risk Implementation and Support

    2018 – 2019
    Responsible for establishing the risk operations and risk process ownership and process management. Key initiatives to drive process maturity: Common Integrated Risk Reporting, Continuous Risk and Control Self-Assessment, Incident Handling and Change Risk Management process improvement, annual Significant Operating Processes update, and Scenario Analysis. Acting as the Head of Risk Processes and Operations. In addition to Risk Operations, RPO covers Third Party Risk Management (TPRM), Business Continuity Management, Risk Solutions and Data, Information security, and IT Risk Management (DISIT).
  • Nordea Head of KYC Processing

    2017 – 2018
    Heading the KYC processing unit (+260 FTE in the Nordics and Poland) in Group AML & Sanctions, being responsible for Enhanced Customer Due Diligence (EDD) and Ongoing Enhanced Due Diligence (OEDD) for the Nordea Mass market high-risk customer portfolio. KYC unit collects, analyzes, and updates Information needed in the Customer KYC profiles and secures correct customer risk rating.
  • Risk Manager for Group AML and Sanctions and Customer and Counterparty Data

    2016 – 2017
    Responsible for managing non-financial risk and supporting the first line of defense on all compliance-related and operational non-financial risk-related matters. Responsible for establishing the BRM function for GAS and CCD. Driving the implementation of the Financial Crime Operating Model in BRIS-GAS cooperation across units connected to assurance and controls. Driving the implementation of risk management framework and risk governance and reporting.
  • Nordea Head of IT Group Functions Common Processes

    2013 – 2015
    Responsible for ITGF Strategy process, competence development, Financials, Project and Portfolio Management, Strategic Vendor Management, and IT process ownership. Responsible for driving the ITGF strategy process and ensuring the strategic alignment and effective governance of divisions' IT vendors. Establishing the ITGF process governance framework and continuously developing IT core processes as process owner and controlling compliance. Driving the ITGF portfolio management and prioritization process as well as ITGF financial management.
  • Nokia – Leading different Finance functions

    2003 – 2013
    Responsible for driving the development of reporting platform concepts, processes, and tools. Ownership of reporting tools. Leading the work to create F&C reporting vision for Nokia. Supporting the Head of reporting platform in managing the reporting platform. Responsible for delivering process design and re-engineering services for all Nokia F&C process and solution development activities. Ensuring continuous and proactive competence development in the process solutions team according to F&C capability development roadmap requirements. Owning and developing the F&C process development methodology and ensuring that best practices are utilized in F&C development work. Ownership of all F&C concepts: Reporting, Planning, Accounting, Pricing, etc. Having two parallel roles. As Head of Accounting Solutions, I was accountable for shared accounting services project management pool, IT solution management, and development portfolio management. Solutions teams were based in the US, Finland, China, and Singapore. As Head of F&C Process, I was driving the development of a long-term development portfolio for the entire F&C focusing on capabilities that needed to be developed instead of single initiatives. Leading the Accounting Shared Services for Revenue Accounting. Shared Accounting Services (SAS) provided Nokia and NSN accounting and statutory reporting services. Shared Accounting Services was responsible for developing, implementing, and operating harmonized accounting processes and solutions which provide global transparency to processes and data, enable timely and reliable reporting, and guarantee consistent internal controls and compliance. The revenue service had 180+ accountants based in Finland, Hungary, and China. Leading the inventory accounting Services. Inventory Shared Accounting Service scope included product costing, direct purchase invoice verification, and factory intercompany accounting processes. The inventory team was 50+ accountants based in Finland and China.