Mobility is a major area of focus for achieving global climate goals. The sector is in the midst of transforming to more sustainable ways of moving people and goods. I help clients in the transportation industry optimize their business models, operations, and customer interaction by seizing the potential of digital transformation with its new technologies and development approaches.

During my career, I have designed and implemented many complex processes and applications supporting the core processes of clients in the transportation and telecommunications industry.

My functional expertise lies in mobility ecosystems and platforms, rail operations as well as transport execution processes.

My passion is bringing solutions based on a deep understanding of how strategy, people, and technology interact, and these solutions have a real impact.

To continuously learn about new technological, economic, and social developments, I enjoy my role as leader of the expert group "connected mobility" at Münchner Kreis, which has been very inspiring over the years.


  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2021 – Actuellement
    Munich, Germany
  • Partner, Detecon International GmbH

    2010 – 2021
    Munich, Germany
    Partner in the segment Travel, Transport & Logistics
  • Partner, Allolio & Konrad

    2002 – 2009
    Bonn, Germany
    Partner in Telecommunications industry
  • Manager, Accenture

    2000 – 2002
    Munich, Germany
    Manager in Telecommunications industry
  • Manager, Ernst & Young Consulting

    1997 – 2000
    Kansas City, US and Munich, Germany
    Manager in Telecommunications industry
  • Consultant, Andersen Consulting

    1995 – 1997
    Frankfurt, Germany

Successful projects are the result of passionate teams who never lose sight of the desired impact.

Ludwig M. Haas