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Navigating the future of healthcare: from curing to caring 

The future of healthcare is undergoing a significant transformation due to the challenges and opportunities the sector is facing.  Escalating demand for services, driven by factors like an aging population, increasing chronic diseases and global health crises such as COVID-19, places immense strain on healthcare systems. 

Within this environment, improved data accessibility and digital healthcare solutions are promising a brighter future for healthcare delivery by empowering a shift toward proactive and personalized preventive care. This not only ensures more equitable healthcare access but also underscores the cost-effectiveness of preventive over curative treatment, leading to a significant cost reduction associated with hospital-based care. This transition brings with it a unique set of challenges, including the need to reevaluate outdated reimbursement models and address data access and interoperability issues. Effectively managing these hurdles is crucial for unlocking the full potential of digital healthcare and data-driven preventive care. 

Through our in-depth industry knowledge, BearingPoint is at the forefront of supporting healthcare providers on this journey. We serve as transformation catalysts, guiding healthcare initiatives from concept to realization through our expertise in change management and program management. By harnessing data-driven insights and offering strategic guidance, along with advanced digital healthcare solutions, we empower stakeholders throughout the healthcare value chain to overhaul their operations, improve patient outcomes, and build a more sustainable and resilient healthcare ecosystem. 

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  • Plan International Norway makes reporting fast and easy with the power of Generative AI

    Plan International Norway aimed to streamline its program reporting by shifting from laborious manual processes to cutting-edge technology. BearingPoint helped the non-governmental organization (NGO) develop an innovative AI-powered application that enables significant automation combined with increased efficiency and better insight into its programs.

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  • Helping Save the Children Finland to support a brighter future for youngsters

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  • La technologie HyperCube destinée au secteur de la santé

    BearingPoint assiste les clients dans l'analyse de données d'assurance complexes, avec l'objectif d'identifier des sous-groupes et des règles permettant le recours ciblé à des mesures de gestion en matière de santé.

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  • Aménagement du futur Campus Val de Bièvre de Sanofi

    BearingPoint est l’assistant à maîtrise d’ouvrage de Sanofi pour le projet Campus Sanofi Val de Bièvre.

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