BearingPoint, the reliable Salesforce project partner.

From strategy to a fully integrated customer journey, in an advanced digitalized world.

BearingPoint as a Salesforce Summit partner has a solid history and track record of not only implementing Salesforce as a Software, but supporting our customers in all matters, that are essential for a successful  Salesforce project, including deep industry knowledge as well as all business and strategy related aspects of such a project.

BearingPoint offers a powerful combination of Business, Technology and deep industry expertise, essential for a successful project, no matter which Salesforce clouds to be implemented.

Our experienced team of more than 220 Salesforce professionals with an average of over 4 years of Salesforce project experience is well aware of the critical success factors, differentiating a technical Salesforce implementation from a successful Salesforce project.

BearingPoint of course, is implementing all Salesforce cloud solutions, being aware of the importance to pick the right integration strategy to the existing customer landscape, and making sure of a high level of end user system and process acceptance to get the most out of your project.

But there is even more to it. Based on our clients needs and based on our latest research, we are able to design our Salesforce projects in line with anticipated market and technology trends, ensuring the optimization of your investment.

BearingPoint not only stands for Salesforce Implementation Excellence, but reflects the business aspects of your industry. Our key industry expertise related to a salesforce project can be found in Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Postal & Transportation, Chemicals, Life Sciences, Retail and Consumer packaged goods.

BearingPoint’s sample accelerators bringing excellence to your processes

BearingPoint’s Dynamic Customer Journey Management

Connecting Marketing & Sales: Dynamic Customer Journey Management
Realtime campaign controlling with dynamic management of segments, channels and content.

BearingPoint’s Sales Management Excellence 360

Enabling broker managers to fully control the developments of their business
360° view for effective control

  • Quick decisions and effective sales control
  • Maximum efficiency (standardized, automated processes)
  • Integration of information from external sources (e.g. commission, news)

BearingPoint‘s Service2Sales

Enhancing customer service as starting point for cross and upselling initiatives
Connecting Sales & Service

BearingPoint’s Electronic Shiftbook Application for Utilities

BearingPoint's Electronic Shiftbook Application in Salesforce Service Cloud enables shift teams – consisting of shop floor operators as well as shift managers – to execute and coordinate shift tasks, to document issues and their respective statuses in an electronic shift book. 


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