Business changes from day to day and supply chains need to be frequently reviewed. Decision-making requires ad hoc scenario modelling to answer environmental questions.

LogEC Light provides fast and flexible calculations of emissions for single shipments and trade lanes without the need for detailed configuration settings.

Analyze the emissions of single shipment and trade lanes whenever and wherever you wish. LogEC Light comes with two options to assess emissions: the standard mode and the extended mode.

I. The standard mode only requires a source and target location and a shipment weight or volume. If no transport mode is chosen, LogEC Light calculates the transport emissions based on specific rules. Otherwise, several modes of transportation can be chosen to assess the different environmental impacts.

II. The extended mode allows for real transport modelling with several transport modes and individually assignable legs. In addition, the extended version allows you to select specific networks, e.g., a specific 3PL network, for individual assessments that add real value to the decision-making process.

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