Gamification for emissions – The new LogEC app provides emissions calculations and product traceability on the go

The LogEC Mobile app is based on LogEC and uses its database, ensuring powerful and reliable emissions calculations – anytime and anywhere. In addition, you get detailed emissions calculations for shipments, trade lanes and single products as well as integrated track and trace functionality. By scanning bar codes with a mobile device, you can see all product-related information such as origin, transport flow and carbon emissions. There are also charts and map views.

LogEC Mobile - Product carbon footprint - Calculation and drill down

LogEC Mobile - Product carbon footprint - Track and trace

LogEC Mobile - Product carbon footprint - Reporting

LogEC Mobile - Product carbon footprint - Reporting Control Tower/Cockpit


Fast and flexible calculation of emissions on the go

No configuration necessary. LogEC Mobile provides you with the freedom to analyze the emissions of single shipment and trade lanes whenever and wherever you wish. LogEC Mobile comes with a reporting cockpit and light logic function.

I. The reporting cockpit uses the normal LogEC system on the SAP Cloud Platform as a backbone for the calculation. The app on the mobile device works as a frontend, meaning you create a query on the mobile device and the calculations are done by the powerful SAP Hana, with the results being displayed on your mobile device.

II. The light logic only requires a source location, a target location and a shipment weight or volume. If no transport mode is chosen, LogEC Light calculates the transport emissions based on specific rules. Otherwise, several modes of transportation can be chosen to assess the different environmental impacts.  The embedded scan feature allows you to gain insights on supply chains and the carbon footprint of specific products. For the location of the consignee, GPS data of the mobile device can be used to derive the last mile.

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