Reduce safety stocks and mitigate risks with digital supply chain solutions.

LogRISK enables you to evaluate and predict risks in your supply chain. It identifies and evaluates risks related to suppliers and 3PLs as well as your internal supply chain.

Outsourcing production, reducing the number of suppliers, more frequent product launches, vendor-managed inventory and the use of just-in-sequence deliveries can be beneficial, but their realization often increases a company’s supply chain risks. To effectively manage supply chain activities, resolve vulnerabilities and develop suitable strategies, risks must first be identified and evaluated and then constantly monitored. LogRISK is a comprehensive platform that does it all. Having your supply network mapped 1:1 in the system and using the system’s direct interfaces of real-time services for risk evaluation gives you the ability to increase the visibility of your supply chain and keeps its vulnerabilities to a minimum.

LogRisk digital supply chain solutions

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